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Minivans and SUVs

April 7, 2011

Over the last several years, maybe even a decade, I could never imagine myself ever wanting or liking a minivan. I was always the type who loved SUVs over minivans. I always mentioned how the SUV looked cool and made the driver seem cool. As for the minivan, I always thought it made driver seem ten years older and not so “hip” to the present.

I always said that when the time comes, that I would purchase a SUV over a minivan, still look cool and still be able to haul a lot of things, if needed.

Because of my experiences with SUVs, I have always liked them and would’ve never given a minivan any thoughts of driving. Well, time has changed and my views have gradually changed over time as well.

Last month, my family took a spring trip to Florida. During the planning of the trip we were debating on whether to get a large SUV or a minivan. Even though I was a known SUV person, I decided to go with a minivan. Why? Since we were going to be travelling over 700 miles alone just getting to Florida, I knew the van would be much better in gas. Also, I took into consideration how many people were on this trip (3 adults, 3 kids) and the luggage needed.

When the time came to pick up the minivan (Toyota Sienna) that we rented, I had to say that I fell in love with it right away, just from looking at the interior. There were so many toys and gadgets to mess with. There was just enough room to get all of our luggage in the van. Something that really surprised me was how much legroom was available for the front and second row passenger. I pretty much stay in the front seats the entire vacation and with the seat moved as far back as it could possibly go, there was still plenty of room for the adult behind me. Also, another somewhat surprise was how smooth driving and riding the van felt.

When vacation time was over, we had to return the rental of course, but I hated to give it back. That’s how much I fell in love with the thing.

I guess the reason I basically type this is bacause I want to have some sort of influence in helping a person decide on a SUV or minivan, when it comes to purchasing or future renting. What it ultimately boils down to is personal preference and needs. If you have a family of five or more and travel somewhat often, I would definitely go with a minivan. If you’re a big off-roader and/or tend to tow a lot of stuff, then perhaps SUVs are for you. After my experience with the minivan, I will likely go the rest of my life without the want for a SUV… and remember, this is coming from someone who was big on SUVs.