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Sports Are Not That Serious

May 25, 2011

I love sports just as much as the next fan. I cheer for and love my favorite teams and individuals just like any other person. I get upset and disappointed, just as well, when things are going terrible.

Unfortunately, I have to say that some of you sport fans take the sports entirely too serious. There is too much emotion involved and a lot of it is uncalled for. There’s so hate for individual athletes, which most fans don’t even know on a person level. I’ve heard and read comments about some fans saying, “I will always hate Lebron James even if he found a cure for cancer”. There have been physical acts, like some crazy, unknown fan burning stuff on an athlete’s property.

There’s is no need in getting bent of shape or expressing so much hate towards an individual who is simply doing the same thing that your favorite athlete is doing. Also, so what if your team or individual athlete win or lose?! How does it effect or change your life? When it is all said and done, your life will still be the same. Your life and time with the family should be more involving than the emotions used in sports. If for some reason your life is effected by outcomes of a sporting event, perhaps due to gambling, then whose fault is that? It’s certainly not the athlete’s fault. You have yourself to blame.

So with all this said, someof you need to chill and focus more of something more important, like family, education or anything that will better yourself and your loved ones.


A Message To Harold Camping

May 22, 2011

This blog is for Harold Camping and those like him.

Next time you have the need or want to share when life will end on earth, keep it to yourself. When you think about it, what was the point in sharing such nonsense? Lets say for the sake of argument that this prediction of the end was something to be proven as a true event to happen when predicted… what can we actually do about it? Nothing. It would be out of our control and the news of such magnitude would only cause people to live their final moments in life in panic and chaos. Why would anyone want that? It’s better to live life without worrying about when the end is coming. It’s better to life final moments in joy and with loved-ones rather than in fear of something that you can’t control anyway.

So, next time, unless these future events and/or its effects can be prevented, do the world a favor and shut your damn mouth about this craziness.