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June 21, 2011

You’re probably wondering what’s up with this “Jamal” titled blog? You may be wondering who in the world is this Jamal person? A lot of times, I wonder who he is myself and what he would be like.

Well, Jamal is the brother that I’ve never met and never will as long as I live. Jamal unfortunately died shortly after he was born into this world….he was born premature. Due to technology, back in the early 80s and before, premature babies had a much, much slimmer chance of survival versus babies born premature in today’s time. If Jamal was still alive today, he would be 27 years old right now… baby brother. A lot of times, I wonder how would life be with him alive and growing up around me. I would what impact would I have on him in life and at the same time…what impact would he have on me. I wonder what his interest would be. Would he and I be interested in the same things? I wonder how would he look. Would we favor each other very much? Would he be taller or shorter than me? Would he be bigger or stronger than me? How about would he have a deep voice like mine? That is just some of the many things that I wonder about him.

Well, one thing is for sure….things happen for a reason. Maybe the lord had other plans for my family and myself and that is why Jamal is in the heavens instead of with us. Despite the reasons, I will always wonder about my baby brother, who I’ve never met, Jamal Ivan Woodmore.


** This blog was originally written on June 1, 2008 **