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Damn You, Ebay!

July 19, 2011

Just from looking at the title of this blog, you’re probably thinking I’m upset and this will be a bashing moment towards Ebay. Actually, it’s the opposite.

I have used Ebay two or three times prior to 2011, but this is the year in which I’ve been in a position explore and use the Ebay the way I truly want to. I find myelf loving Ebay more and more with each purchase and it has basically became an addiction.

In the past, I wouldn’t use sites like Amazon or Ebay, for a couple of reasons, like banking issues or lack of patience when it comes to mailing, yet I wasn’t willing to pay extra for faster shipping. Now, my finance and banking problems are basically non-existing and I have developed more patience when it comes to deliveries.

The addiction is mainly due the savings, which I’ve had time to check out and notice on various items. The price comparsion between Ebay and a retailers is a very stunning one. I have bought several things in the last couple of months and just thinking about the last three items I’ve purchased, I have saved over $120, which is enough to take a family of six out to eat at a decent restuarant.

Damn you Ebay for starting a good addiction that I will not be able to finish.