My Thoughts On NCAA Football 12 and Madden 12

September 7, 2011

Since the arrival of XBox 360 and Playstation 3, the NCAA series has been fairly solid at least. The same can’t be said for the Madden series. Madden took a turn for the worse when it came to the 3rd generation consoles. The 2nd generation consoles (PS2 and original XBox) version of Madden had more features than the 3rd gen-version.

For 2011, it seems EA Sports took something that was already fairly solid and made it into something amazing beyond belief. The game play is good as always and dynasty mode even better than before. All the features are still intact from previous versions of the game, plus a couple of added features, which makes you feel like you’re part the NCAA committee.

Now on to Madden 12. Finally, it seems EA Sports listened to the consumers. The game play for Madden is just as good as NCAA, which is a definitely plus, considering in my opinion, I always thought NCAA had a slight edge over Madden over the last several years. Franchise mode has improved a lot from the previous versions, probably making it the best Madden since it has been on 3rd gen-consoles. With so many new features, you basically feel like a commissioner. Franchise Mode is very detailed and there are a lot of things to do in it. The number of new features on the game are countless. Even Owner Mode is back from the Madden 2004 days.

For those who have been holding out on buying Madden/NCAA games, due to them basically being the same each year, I would definitely recommend purchasing these two versions.



  1. Wasn’t there a version of a football game that you received packs of cards, like, in the game? sorry reading this made me go nostalgic…

    • I can’t remember which Madden game it was, but there was one that had the player and ability cards. I believe it was Madden 04… or maybe Madden 05. This latest Madden has cards also, but I’m not sure if it’s used in the exact same way. I haven’t played it enough to know how they work.

      • Yeah that was probably the most recent madden game i have played, contemplating getting the madden 12, i always liked playing where you went through the draft and played in the seasons and all that stuff. forgot what it was called. lol

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