My Experience of NCAA Football 12 and Madden NFL 12

September 29, 2011

This is basically a revisit to my previous blog of this subject, “My Thoughts on NCAA Football 12 and Madden NFL 12”.

I’ve been spending time lately enjoying the time consuming features and plays Dynasty Mode and Franchise Mode of NCAA 12 and NFL 12, respectively. It’s where I spend more than two-thirds of my time on both games. Anyway, after spending a couple of weeks on these two games, I had finally finished a full season to each game. With me being ready for season two in Madden, I go through the preseason events and then import the players I had from NCAA. As I go through the scouting in Madden, I realize something and starting thinking, “Wait a minute!! These are not the guys I imported from the NCAA roster”.

When I first noticed this, I was very upset and disappointed. Just when I thought the developers finally produced the most complete and near flawless Madden ever, they mess up one of the biggest features to Dynasty/Franchise Mode, which is the ability to import players from one game to another.

Well, don’t worry. The issue is a minor flaw that I’m guessing is more on the part of NCAA rather than Madden. You maybe asking, how is this considered a minor issue, instead of a major one? Well, the issue is something that can be corrected or fix within the NCAA game itself. So in a way, it’s not really a big flaw, just a prolong in time issue… perhaps a minute or two.

To actually import your NCAA roster to Madden, do not export the players right away, after the season ends. You’ll be asked if you want to export the roster after the season and when it happens, just select “No”. You will then progress through coach signings and players leaving. Afterwards, you will be asked once more to export your roster. It’s during the second asking, you want to actually do the export on. When you get to the regular season scouting of Madden, you will then see the players you imported from NCAA. Problem solved.

Thanks for reading.


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