October 25, 2011

This message goes out to all of you. Live your life. Enjoy your life. Enjoy it to its fullest.

There’s no bad situation worth killing yourself over. Death will definitely come to us all. There’s no need in rushing death. No matter how bad things get for you, if you’re able to wake up each day during bad times, you give yourself opportunity to improve on the situation. Some situations you may have to go out and handle yourself and some may require a little help. Regardless, you fight to live on. Don’t quit and end it on bad note.

Most if not all of us have been through hard times, including myself. I know what it is like to experience rough situations and have things get worse during those times. Instead of quitting, by ending life, I fight through it knowing things will get better. You just have to believe. Though it seem things wasn’t going to get better and kept fighting and eventually the bad situation ends. Through the fight, my life actually becomes better than it was before things went downhill. So the fight to live is well worth it.

So basically no matter how things are going, whether good or bad, keep living. Life is precious.

I did this blog, because I walk into work this morning and the very first thing I hear was news of a suicude death of a co-worker.

Live people! Live!!


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